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SCCIOB has been in the forefront of promoting language & cultural programmes which comprise a diverse range of Business 
SCCIOB has been chartered since the day of its inception to provide a diverse range of business, management... Through the strong ties of the SCCCI (the parent organisation of SCCIOB) with China, SCCIOB has been offering training... SCCIOB caters to the learning and development needs of a wide variety of individuals and corporations...



Business Mandarin (CWPL)
The Business Mandarin Programme (Chinese Workplace Literacy) ..
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WSQ Professional Diploma in Leadership and People Management (LPM)
"A systematic approach to acquire corporate leadership capabilities, and ..."
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Transform Your Service Through Strategic Innovation
A highly relevant masterclass for business owners, CEOs and senior management.  
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Diploma Programmes
Diploma in Business Administration 
03 April 2018
Diploma in Professional Chinese Teaching
04 April 2018

Diploma in Translation & Interpretation
08 May 2018


International Business Mandarin Programmes (IBM)
International Business Mandarin (Jan to May Intake Available!)

Business Mandarin Suite
Certificate in Business Chinese Translations Skills *SkillsFuture Credit and UTap Eligible*
23 March 2018
Certificate in Business Mandarin for Banking Professionals *SkillsFuture Credit and UTap Eligible*
03 March 2018
Certificate in Business Mandarin Specialising in Finance & Accounting Terms *
UTap Eligible*
02 March 2018
Business Mandarin for Managers & Executives 
*UTap Eligible*
01 & 02 February 2018

Gateway to Mandarin
Level 1
Weekday - 20 March - 27 April 2018

Level 2
Weekday - 14 May - 13 June 2018

Certificate in English
Introductory - TBC

Language & Culture Studies
Business Studies
Immersion Programmes
Corporate Training

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