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Frequently Asked Questions

Chinese Language & Culture Courses

1) Q: What are the course fees for Chinese language courses?         


A: The course fees vary according to the type of courses, training hours, registration fees, etc.
     Please refer to the latest course brochures for the course fees.


       A sample of some of the courses we provide:

    • Gateway to Mandarin (Levels 1, 2)
    • Elementary Chinese (Levels 1, 2)
    • Intermediate Chinese (Levels 1, 2)
    • Advanced Chinese
    • Business Mandarin Specialising in Finance & Accounting Terms
    • Business Mandarin for Banking Professionals
    • Business Chinese Translation Skills
    • Effective Mandarin Presentation Skills
    • Business Mandarin for Managers & Executives
    • Business Mandarin (Beginner Level)
    • Business Mandarin (Intermediate Level)
    • Business Mandarin (Advanced Level)
  • Note: For course brochures of any of the above courses , please feel free to visit our office, or request for a copy via email:


2) Q: How do we pay for the course fees?


A: For Payment:


The course fees vary according to the type of courses/modules, training hours, registration fees, etc. Please refer to the latest course brochures for the latest information.

If you are signing up for the FULL Diploma programme, a registration fee of S$100 ($S107 including GST) is payable upon registration. For Certificate programme and other short courses, the registration fee is S$50 (S$53.50 including GST). 


3) Q: Is there a test/exam at the end of the course?


A: For all Chinese Diplomas with different modules, there will be an exam at the end of each module. Students need to pass each exam module in order to be awarded the Diploma certificate. Unless otherwise stated, the test/exam is on the last lesson of the course/module.

To receive the Certificate of Proficiency, you would need to pass the test and attain at least 75% attendance rate.

To receive the Certificate of Attendance, you would need to attain at least 75% attendance rate.

75% is also the minimum mandatory attendance requirement imposed by SDF.


4) Q: Is there a placement test? How long would it take? What is the charge?


A: Placement test is available for the following courses:

  • Gateway to Mandarin (Levels 1, 2)
  • Elementary Chinese (Levels 1, 2)
  • Intermediate Chinese (Levels 1, 2)
  • Advanced Chinese


The test takes approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on how much
you are able to complete. There is a fee of $25/- which is deductible when you
sign up for a course conducted by the Language Studies Centre.

A Placement test is waived if you can show proof of Mandarin proficiency.
Please retain the receipt for verification.


5) Q: How do I arrange for the placement test?


A: Please email or call us to make an appointment. Please fill up a copy of the Course Enrolment Form before doing the test.


6) Q: Where are the courses held?


A: Our training venue is located at 111 North Bridge Road, #06-05/06, Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098 (near City Hall MRT) 


7) Q: How will I be notified after I have registered for a course?


A: An email will be sent to you when the class is confirmed, usually one to two weeks before course commencement depending on the enrolment status. Our course consultant will also call you closer to the course start date to inform you. Please call or email us if you have not received the course confirmation letter a week before the course starts.


8) Q: Can I change class after I have started?


A: Please refer to our student policy on deferment, transfers and change of course. A copy of this is also available at our office brochure display area.


9) Q: Are the qualifications recognised by the local government?


A: In Singapore there is no central authority that accords recognition to a certificate course from a particular Institute. Rather, acceptance of qualifications and courses of study is entirely at the discretion of the individual.         


Corporate Training


1) Q: What are the available courses for Corporate or In-Company training?


A: Generally all the courses offered by the Language Studies Centre are available for corporate training. For a sample of such available courses, you can refer to our section on Corporate Training.


2) Q: Can companies request for customization of courses?


A: We understand that each company has different objectives in training their personnel. Thus, we will customize the training programme to meet corporations’ objectives and at the same time ensure that the proficiency of the participants are enhanced. We have in the past customized our training programmes for many companies in diverse industries such as I.T., Accounting/Finance, Banking, Legal, and alot more.


3) Q: Where will corporate training be held?


A: Courses are usually held at the corporation’s premise. But in some cases, courses may also be held at our Institute. Corporate training is usually conducted in the day during office hours.


4) Q: Can companies plan the schedule of training?


          A: Yes, but corporations are required to furnish us with the schedule for the entire training
           programme before the confirmation of the course.

5) Q: Can lessons be postponed if the participants can’t attend the lessons


A: Yes, but corporations are required to give at least 7 days' notice for postponement of lessons.


 Professional Skills and Business Studies Courses


 1) Q: What is the procedure for course registration?


A: Procedure for course registration is as follow:

  • Download the registration form from our website, fill up and fax back to us to register for a seat.
  • If the course is under WDA SkillsConnect and you are sponsored by your company, your company may apply for SDF subsidy through WDA SkillsConnect @
  • If you are self-sponsored, you need to pay the full course fee.


2) Q: What are the conditions for SDF subsidy qualification?


A: To qualify for SDF subsidy, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You must be company-sponsored (company must issue company cheque)
  • Your company must be incorporated/registered in Singapore
  • You must be Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • You must complete the programme with at least 75% attendance


3) Q: How do we pay for the course fee?


A: For Payment:

  • For cheque payment, cheque should be made payable to “SCCIOB”. Please crossed the cheque and write the course title, participant’s name behind the cheque before mailing over to the following address: SCCIOB, 111 North Bridge Road, #06-05/06, Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098
  • For Cash/cheque/Nets/MasterCard/Visa payment, please come personally to our Reception
    Counter at 111 North Bridge Road, #06-05/06, Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098 during office hours.


4) Q: What is SCCIOB’s office hours?

Monday – Friday (9am – 6pm)
Saturday (9am – 1pm)
Sunday & Public Holidays (Closed)

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