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Certificate in Gateway To Mandarin

Colin Jarraw

Navin & Co. LLP
" I was a complete beginner having absolutely no knowledge of any Mandarin whatsoever. I undertook the Gateway to Mandarin course ( Levels 1 and 2 ) and found it was a perfect way for anyone ( with as little knowledge as myself ) to start in their journey to learning Mandarin. The teaching methods are first class and are organized such that even the weaker students would not feel left behind. The course itself provides you with quite a lot to digest ( teaching you more than just the basic stuff ) and I would say that at the end of it, most of the class members had a very good grasp of the language - probably more than a usual beginner's course would provide. I sadly did not have the time to progress further than these introductory courses but would definitely do so again with SCCIOB if the opportunity arises."       

" Being a non-Chinese and growing-up as a native English speaker, I was skeptical and had reservations about the basic mandarin course. To much of my surprise, the lessons were rather simple to follow, and so inclusive, I found myself using conversational mandarin during classes, all the while being amused and entertained. Mid way through the program I found myself proactively using simple sentences and actually being able to converse with my colleagues and even when speaking to my clients in China.

I strongly advocate the course for business managers needing to have some basic comprehension of the language and aspiring better interaction with our mandarin speaking to my clients in China.

I strongly advocate the course for business managers needing to have some basic comprehension of the language and aspiring better interaction with our mandarin speaking colleagues and friends."

James Sundram

Executive Director
TheRightCompany Pte Ltd

Anil Kishora

Chief Executive Officer
State Bank of India


" I attended the Gateway to Mandarin course offered by SCCIOB in 2010. Not just the content was right for a beginner like me, the tutor made sure that participants ended up getting attuned to the unique sounds of Mandarin. The class work was fun-filled . I believe once you are through this course, you can continue learning and perfecting your Mandarin at your own pace "
Certificate in Elementary Chinese
"One of the first things I did after arriving in Singapore was to look for an educational institution which I could continue and further my Chinese language studies. SCCIOB was my choice institute for study and I am extremely satisfied with the outstanding quality of its trainers, the wide range of courses offered, the high degree of professionalism of its management and its excellent facilities. All these attributes make SCCIOB the best place to learn and improve one’s proficiency in Chinese, which is a challenging and fascinating language to me."
"Thanks to the teaching method employed by SCCIOB and the excellent learning environment it provides, I have not only continued to enhance my Chinese proficiency skills but also had the opportunity to be exposed to Chinese culture, which was a unique and deeply enriching learning journey for me."
"For as long as I stay in Singapore, I will continue studying in SCCIOB!"
Jose Tello Ruiz
Certificate in Intermediate Chinese
Pang Hee Hon

Chief Executive Officer
Keppel T&T Ltd

'I am deeply impressed by the professionalism and dedication of the teaching staff. They take pains to cater to the different needs and learning capacity of the individual students in the class, and yet did so at a pace that met the objectives of the course.

The course curriculum was well thought through, with a good mix of learning from comprehensive textbooks, and practical exercises in writing and speaking . The learning was done in a conducive classroom environment and facilitated by an efficient administrative staff.'
iBF Executive Program

“Attending the iBF Executive programme to China was more than a learning journey; it is also a reality check for most SMEs who think they are ready and keen to explore the China market. Importantly, I cannot find a better partner than the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, especially in China, in providing the bridge to connect and the opportunity to learn and hopefully serve.”

Mr Chris Lim

Agape Little Uni

Supervisory Management

If you have recently been promoted to a supervisory or management position or want to learn how to become a more effective manager, this course will help you master the basics of business by learning the language of management.

You will learn how to make a successful transition from employee to manager and you'll learn how to manage your time so that you can deal with the constant demands of a managerial job.

You will learn the skills required to delegate responsibility and motivate your employees. A large part of a manager's job involves getting things done through other people, and this course will help you understand how to influence and direct other people's performance.

Discussing the move from "co-worker" to "manager" was invaluable! Appreciate learning how to make the transition less stressful.

Talking with our table group or the entire class was great. Helps to know how other companies handle things, and to discuss pro’s and con’s of an approach.

Also for an Italian businesswoman (or salesperson) as I am this course has provided a working knowledge of supervisory skills necessary for dealing with human problems within the organization. It covers elements such as communications, motivation, discipline, negotiations, and conflict management.

It focuses on the different "hats" a supervisor needs to wear and move away from the "doing" and being more assertive and active in their supervisory role. Finally, you will learn how to solve problems and resolve conflicts so you can accomplish your job more effectively.  

I got the real meaning of the expression: Supervisors are made, not born.

All supervisors can improve their skills!


Foundation Chinese 
I have completed a total of 4 courses (Elementary Level 3 to Intermediate Level 2) clocking a total of 120 hours.

The text books with DVDs, and workbooks are well designed and user friendly for foreigners learning Mandarin. Aspects of modern Chinese society, cultural background, as well as basic grammar and useful expressions of the language were well covered in all these learning materials.

All the instructors are committed to their mission of teaching Mandarin. They show great passion and are very helpful throughout.

Upon completion of the course, I am now able to comprehend with much ease the various Chinese media, such as newspapers, TV programs, magazines, books and other forms of entertainment!  
YuiChi Nozawa

It was a refresher course for me who had long forgotten those mythical and folklore stories told by my Chinese teachers when I was a student.

It was also through this course that I was determined to read the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese Literature. They are The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Outlaws of the Marsh, Dream of the Red Chamber and Journey to the West.
 Last but not least, I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone who has a passion for Chinese culture, history and literature. It will be a great learning experience!"
Business Mandarin in Finance and Accounting Terms 
" A great course in all aspects. The syllabus is relevant and useful.The course instructor is professional, has industry experience and uses a variety of teaching methods to encourage fun and creative learning for what would otherwise be a mundane subject.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is a finance professional and who is keen on brushing up on his/her Mandarin skills.
Benedict Lo

" Language is not language until one has acquired adequate vocabulary, practiced speaking confidently and effectively understand the culture behind it.

June has successfully imparted her knowledge of financial and accounting terms to us.

The use of translation practices, student presentations have helped put into practice the Chinese words we learn across wide and diverse fields like accounting, real estate, derivatives, tax etc;

Therefore what used to be untranslatable jargon to us in Chinese has now become a part of our vocabulary which we can now confidently use for our careers and businesses.

Thank you June! "

Business Mandarin in Banking Professional

This class was very well organised - covering many essential items for any professional keen to quickly understand the ettiquette of doing business in China, and the technical naunces of the Mandarin language in the business context .


Although the class is scheduled for 3 hours on a monday evening, I never found it tiring and would look forward to find out more every week.

The teacher was very engaging and took initiative to help us make the materials relevant to our work.

There were some exercises and subjects that were very tough - but she always made it a point to explain it all very well.


Esther Wong "
To find out more, please visit:

   Business Mandarin
" The systemic and structured approach in designing and delivering the Business Mandarin course is very effective and has helped me improve my comprehension of the Mandarin language"

Ms Chong Siak Ching

President and Chief Executive Officer

Alex Linardi

 It is a great blessing to have received subsidies while learning mandarin at SCCIOB.
I had fun and enjoyed learning my new language with greadt guidance from the lovely teacher, Joyce Wang. She teaches with passion and patience.

She always encourages us to learn. Not only through teaching, she also shares Chinese cultures and traditions with us. It is both exciting and meaningful for me.  

Day by day, my Mandarin is improving. Even though, I am not able to read and write a lot of the Chinese characters yet, I can understand and speak simple Mandarin with others.

It really helps me in my workplace and allows me to interact with other Mandarin speakers during my daily activities.

Now, I am different then before. Thanks to WDA and SCCIOB!

"I, Raja, Indian National,  have been working in Singapore  about 9 years. I set learning and speaking Chinese is one of the ambitions. Hence I started  learning   3 years ago. But it seemed to be boring and I could not buid-up  the interest .I started to loose my hope partly due to my laziness also.

The   teaching way was unable to  create the  learning interest among some other students   who are like me also  . There was no test or exam after you completed  the course for certain period. So  you cannot judge your level and  no opportunity to take challenge also ..
Subsequently I  was searching for  other Institutes with the hope that changing of institute will help to achieve my objective of  learning Chinese.

Fortunately my friend  introduced SCCIOB in January 2009.

After joined in SCCIOB, I gained  the hope back.  The teachers  really know how to teach for  working adults. The maerials are simple and good. I enjoy learning Chinese here  with very  low   fees.

Here , exam is conducted  once the course is completed. This  makes you  to do some  work in addition to what you do in class room.

Now  I believe strongly that I will never give up my Chinese learning. I  honestly recommend to learn Chinese in SCCIOB for people who really want to take challenge or results for your work. Join in SCCIOB to enjoy learning Chinese."

Manickam Rajakumaran

Isak Rabin
"SCCIOB Business Mandarin was a great solution to help me learn Chinese within a very short period of time.

The teachers I had were professional and took teaching Chinese very seriously.  I was surprised at just how quickly I was able to not only learn, but actually adopt and use Chinese in daily situations outside of the classroom.

From my perspective, I can certainly recommend SCCIOB Business Mandarin.


" Working in an international business environment, the Introductory Business Mandarin course has opened up new channels to communicate better with Mandarin speaking employees and customers and has vastly improved my effectiveness as their manager and service provider."

    Abhesh Kumar

Government Sales & Relationship Director
Tata Consultancy Services

                                  Boopathy Raja

Group Senior IT Manager
 International SOS 
" The Business Mandarin programme is the best avenue for any keen beginner interested in learning Mandarin using structured laerning material, the programme covers listening, reading and writing skills taught by excellent teachers who are not only passionate in teaching the language but also sharing the cultural background to reemphasise the learning. "
 " My teacher, Miss Zhang, is very enthusiastic and patient. She always makes sure that every student in the class pronounces the right Chinese tone. She also stressed on using the right vocabularies and grammar structures. The lessons are not only entertaining but I also get to learn the culture in China. I can now better communicate with my Chinese colleagues in Mandarin. "                              

Cheong Yim Lai

Software Engineer
Fairchild Semiconductor Pte Ltd

Jayakumar Mani

Senior Software Engineer
" After taking this course with Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute Of Business ( SCCIOB ), I strongly feel that I understand my CHinese colleagues a lot better now than I was. I sincerely hope that my new Mandarin skill wil help me to reach new heights professionally as well as personally. "

" This introductory Business Mandarin class is a very good programme for a fresh learner like me. Having  a very conducive learning environment with structural lessons provided by a professional and knowledgeable teacher, I recommend this programme to those who wish to learn Mandarin from scratch. " 

Wenny Halim

Independent Trader

 Lim Kwee Geok ( Karen )

Personal Asistant

to Vice-President, Worldwide Shared Services Centre & Trading Division, DFS Venture Singapore ( Pte ) Limited
" The Business Mandarin Course ( Intermediate ) has not only improved my Chinese vocabulary and usage, but also sparked off my determination to continue learning Chinese as a life-long journey. Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute Of Business ( SCCIOB ) has also selected the most proficient Chinese teachers which made learning Chinese so much more simple and interesting. I totally enjoyed the learning experience and benefited greatly from this course. "
" This course taught me the foundations of Mandarin and , most importantly, gave me the passion to continue learning it. This knowledge will definitely be useful in my job, having to deal with many Mandarin speaking guests on a daily basis. Thank you to my teacher, Mr.Shi Zhili , for his patience and dedication ! "

Matthieu Liefooghe

Assistant Front Office Manager
Grand Park Orchard

Nguyen Khanh An

IT Director
Techsailor Group Pte Ltd
" I have learned much more Chinese than in my entire life through the Business Mandarin Programme conducted at Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute Of Business ( SCCIOB ) . I am now much more confident when it comes to interacting with my colleagues in the Guangzhou branch office. Thank you SCCIOB and WDA ! "
" The knowledge and benefits from the Busines Mandarin course has given me a good momentum to continue to learn more about Mandarin so that I can communicate in Mandarin fluently. Thanks, Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute Of business ( SCCIOB ), for the opportunity. "

Nguyen Thi Thu Huong ( Genie )

Workforce Planning & Development Manager
Viet Thai International Joint Stock Company

Pila Soytip

Operation Executive
WWW Cargo Pte Ltd
" I had a great time studing the Chinese Language in SCCIOB with a professional teacher and good classmates and my Chinese speaking skills has also improved a lot. My colleagues, my family and friends from mainland China can sense it.'
" For somebody who learns Mandarin for the first time, the course given was really helpful in my day to day conversation with my office colleagues. The innovative learning method, which involved drawing and presentation made the learning process fun. At the same time I made new friends and learned Chinese culture. "

Reuben Tirtawidjaja

Relationship Manager
United Overseas Bank

Rezani Binte Ramli

Marketing Manager
Edgilis Pte Ltd
" I had always thought that it is impossible to memorise Chinese characters. However, the Mandarin Course I attended at SCCIOB proved me wrong. I was lucky to have brilliant teachers such as Shi Zhili and Ding Will who made learning Mandarin such a fun experience. Although I am still not really good at the language, 9 months into the course and I can comfortably say that I can converse better and communicate with my suppliers in China. Most importantly, I can now write and read simpe Chinese characters which I had never thought would be possible. " 
" The Business Mandarin Programme provides me with the skill to communicate in Chinese with my colleagues the new era where China would play a dominant and significant role in the globalized market may result in Mandarin being the co-international language with English. Hence, it is more important than ever that we equip ourselves with the capacity to communicate in Mandarin. "

Sofren Leo Suhaendi

Structural Engineer
WorleyParsons Pte Ltd

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