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SCCIOB has been in the forefront of promoting language & cultural programmes which comprise a diverse range of Business Mandarin and English courses at Diploma and Certificate levels since the 1990s. The Mandarin courses cater to individual Mandarin learners of different proficiency levels as well as those seeking to enhance their Translation & Interpretation, Professional Chinese Teaching and Mandarin Presentation skills. 

In addition, SCCIOB provides Customised Corporate Training Programmes that are tailored to a corporate’s needs as well as to the language proficiency level and functional specialisations of their employees.

Diploma / Certificate Programmes
Strengthen your bilingual competence and equip yourself with the essential skills in translation with our "Diploma in Translation and Interpretation". This is also your gateway to the translation profession and other professions that demand these skills. 
With the surging demand for professional Chinese tutors, the "Diploma in Professional Chinese Teaching" is designed to groom professionals who have foundation in Chinese language to become qualified Chinese teachers. 


Certificate in International Business
Mandarin Programmes

The Certificate in Business Mandarin programme has been the most popular programme amongst our vast offerings in the Language Studies Centre. SCCIOB has been the leading provider in Business Mandarin programmes in Singapore with a market share of more than 80%. Eligible participants are able to enjoy up to 95% course fee funding through various government grants and subsidies. Besides that, the Singapore Chinese Chamber Commerce Foundation (SCCCF) also disburse training awards to eligible students.  


Developing and Deepening China Ready Skills through Essential Business Mandarin Mastery
This series of courses aims to aid those who plan to develop and deepen their skills in order to be ready for the opportunities arising from China. PMEs will sharpen their Chinese language proficiency in relation to industry-related terminologies, business etiquette, as well as learn the differences in culture and industry practice between China and Singapore. 

Gateway to Mandarin Programmes
Gateway to Mandarin for Beginners is a two-level conversational Mandarin course designed to help adult learners acquire the language systematically. After which, students can progress to our "Certificate in Chinese Language" programme which consists of three multi-levels courses. 
This series of progressive courses, with a comprehensive coverage of oral, reading and writing skills, help you to build up your foundation, prepare for higher learning and finally master the language for professional purposes.


Workplace English Programmes
SCCIOB offers "Certificate in Business English" programme with various entry levels that caters to adult learners from diverse background and abilities who yearns to improve their communication skills at work. 
We also offer English programmes designed specifically for those who are working in front-line service positions, F&B industry and preparing for the local English service literacy test. For learners who seek to equip themselves with the skill-set and confidence to engage confidently in English for their daily activities, the "Practical English for Community Integration" is specially designed to meet these learners' needs. 

Workplace English Programmes 


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