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WSQ Professional Diploma in Leadership
& People Management

(6 core modules + 2 elective modules)
A systematic approach to acquire corporate leadership capabilities, and a complete leadership development certification roadmap for business leaders.

Lead Team 

(Conducted in English / Mandarin) 

Lead the implementation of vision at operational levels within an organization
This course is suitable for Managers, Project Managers or Team Leaders who are leading teams, coaching and facilitating team members to work together and who are required to facilitate implementation of corporate strategies. 
Course Schedule:
Medium  Schedule
 English   16 & 23 June 2017 
 Every Friday 9am - 5.55pm
 Mandarin  26 July & 02 August 2017 
 Every Wednesday 9am - 5.55pm

Enable People
(Conducted in English / Mandarin) 

This 2-day workshop addresses the skills and knowledge required to support managers to develop their skills and expertise. It covers identifying skills requirements, facilitating learning opportunities and coaching team leaders. This course is suitable for Supervisors, Team Leaders, Managers, Departmental Heads and those who hold leadership position in the company.
Course Schedule:
Medium  Schedule
 English   18 & 25 July 2017 
 Every Tuesday 9am - 6pm
 Mandarin  10 & 17 Aug 2017 
 Every Thursday 9am - 6pm

Manage Change
(Conducted in English / Mandarin) 

Facilitate the implementation of strategy, promote compliance and provide directions to others. 
This course is suitable for Managers, Project Managers or Team Leaders who are required to participate in company business planning as well as manage change strategies.
Course Schedule:
Medium  Schedule
 English   20 & 27 July 2017 
 Every Thursday
  9am - 6pm
 Mandarin  20 & 27 June 2017
 Every Tuesday  9am - 6pm

Manage Achievement of Results
(Conducted in English / Mandarin) 

Develop team plans, monitor and reward team performance and monitor the implementation of plans 
This course is suitable for HR Managers or Line Managers who are required to plan, manage and see through the team members’ performance and implementation processes.  
Course Schedule:
Medium  Schedule
 English   17, 24 & 31 August 2017 
 Every Thurs
day  9am - 6pm
 (3rd session would be 9am - 4pm) 
 Mandarin  21, 28 June & 05 July 2017
 Every Wednesday  9am - 6pm
 (3rd session would be 9am - 4pm) 

Cultivate Workplace Relationships
(Conducted in English / Mandarin) 

This course allows managers to master the skills and knowledge required to cultivate harmonious and productive relationships in the workplace. Topics include building relationships, promoting diversity and managing conflict among his team members.
Course Schedule:
Medium  Schedule
 English   22 & 29 June 2017 
 Every Thursday  9am - 6pm 
 Mandarin  21 & 28 July 2017 
 Every Friday  9am - 6pm 

Manage Self
(Conducted in English / Mandarin) 

This course is about managing personal effectiveness. Leaders need to constantly take stock of themselves in terms of their capabilities, and be committed to self development to capitalize on their strengths and address their weaknesses. This is important for leaders to have the skills to manage terms that can contribute significantly to the organization as well as playing a good role model. 
Course Schedule:
Medium  Schedule
 English   22 & 29 August 2017 
 Every Tuesday  9am - 6pm
 Mandarin  12 & 19 July 2017
 Every Wednesday  9am - 6pm 



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